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The Fire Lab has the following equipment:

Equipment for the analysis of fire behavior:


Test booth for electric burner according to UNE 23723-90Radiator test booth according to UNE 23721-90Equipment for drip testing according to UNE 23725-90
Textils Radiador Goteig
Limiting oxygen index test according to UNE-EN ISO 4589-2Flame speed test equipment according to UNE 23724-90Equipment for the determination of the point of inflammation of liquids, SetaFlash serie 3
LOI.jpg Velocitat flama Setaflash
Non-combustibility equipment according to UNE 23102-90Laboratory scale fire resistance furnacePyrolysis microcalorimeter, PCFC-FTTGas analysis equipment, MX6, with sensors of HCl and VOC
Incombustibilitat.jpg Resistència Microcalorímetre (2) Gasos


Other analysis equipment:

Thermal properties analyzer (conductiveter) Quickline-30
Conductivímetre (2)


Support equipment:

Climate chamber with a range of -20ºC to 60ºCQUV Accelerated Weathering TesterDrying stove Heraeus Serie 7000Hot plate press for the preparation of samples
Cambra climàtica.jpg Cambra envelliment Estufa assecat.jpg Premsa.jpg
Gas filtration booth to work with chemical productsRotavapor type extraction systemSoxhlet type extraction system
Cabina gasos.jpg Rotovapor (1).jpg Soxhlet (2).jpg