Open Days

The Fire Lab is actively participating in the EPSEB Open Days.

It also organizes the activity

"In search of new materials that protect us from fire"

for secondary and high school students, which allows the participants to realize a practical experience on the reaction of the materials to the fire.

This activity is offered in the following programs:



It offers more than 200 different proposals from researchers from research groups of universities, research centers, hospitals and companies, to satisfy the curiosity of the student.

The activities consist of workshops or visits that allow to see the great diversity of laboratories that exist and get in direct contact with their multidisciplinary teams and their lines of investigation. It allows to experiment with the new discoveries and enrich the contents of the classroom connecting the curriculum with the scientific news.

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Programa d'Activitats Escolars (PAE) de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona:

The Council for Public Educational Innovation (CIP), through the web application of the PAE, collects the extensive educational offer that citizen entities members of the CIP do in educational centers, turning the city into a large classroom, with activities that cover a broad thematic spectrum.

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