Application of nanomaterials to construction

The applications of nanotechnology in construction are varied: improvement of the mechanical properties, obtaining repellent surfaces to the water, self-cleaning, self-repairable, decontaminants, biocides or improving behaviour against fire.

In particular, three lines of work have been started in the Lab:

  1. Nanotechnology for the conservation of patrimonial materials and architectural elements predominant in façades.
  2. Incorporation of nanometric additions in mortars and concrete to improve their durability and mechanical properties.
  3. Application of cellulose and crystalline nanocellulose microfibres.
  4. Addition of nanometric particles in polymeric matrices for the improvement of the reaction to fire.


Main results of this research area:

Haurie, L., Fernandez, A. I., Velasco, J. I., Chimenos, J. M., López-Costa, J. M. & Espiell, F. (2007). Thermal stability and flame retardancy of LDPE / EVA blends filled with Synthetic Hydromagnesite / ATH / Montmorillonite mixtures. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 92(6), 1082-1087.