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The Fire Lab at EPSEB was created in 2002, as the result of a collaboration agreement with the Fire Prevention, Extinction and Rescue Service (SPEIS) of the Barcelona City Council. This agreement involved the assignment to the School of the equipment of the old Fire Lab, located until the year 2000 in Eixample Park. The person in charge of the agreement and the start-up of the Lab at the School was Joan Carles López, head of SPEIS until 1995, and professor at the UPC. The aim of that initiative was to educate and sensitize students about the issue of fires and their prevention.

In 2005, the Lab began a new stage with the aim of giving more importance to research. While maintaining, and even increasing, the lecturing and knowledge transfer aspects, some lines of research were initiated, on the one hand for the study and improvement of the reaction to fire of the materials and, on the other, for the use of computational simulation techniques of fire propagation.

Throughout these years, the Fire Lab has been consolidated, becoming an innovative laboratory, with high scientific productivity within its scope. At the same time, new equipment has been provided, making possible an improvement in the training of students.